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Steel rails

The steel rails on which trains run are a special kind of track. They are extremely robust and can be used outdoors Steel rails, which are strong enough to carry vast amounts of loads and can withstand completely any type of weather. Given they are low maintenance and last a long time, that is money well spent! They can also carry large weights, so they are ideally suited for carrying heavy items.

Advancements in Steel Rail Tech

Steel Rail technological evolution: So, for steel rails we have one crucial improvement - heat-treated steel makes the rail much harder and stronger. There are also some technical innovations that improve the consistency and accuracy of production thanks to the use of computer-controlled production processes in steel rail manufacture.

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Applications of Steel Rails

In transportation, steel rails can change the bearing direction of a rolling wheel very easily to carry heavier loads longer distances. Can be used for cranes, bulldozers or any other heavy machinery related to construction. Steel rails for transport carts carrying large amounts of ore in a mine.

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