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Color Coated Sheet

Color Coated Sheet

Color coated sheet, also known as color steel sheet, color plate. Color coated sheet has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance.


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Color Coated Sheet is also called Prepainted steel sheet. It is based on metal strip steel (such as cold-rolled steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet, electro-galvanized sheet, etc.). Through strict process control, various polymer coatings or pastes are applied on its surface.

Thickness 0.12-2.0mm, width 600-1500mm.

Color Coated Sheet includes galvanized color steel plate (PPGI)and aluminum-zinc (Al-Zn) color steel plate(PPGL).




Steel Grade

PPGI, PPGL, CRCC, DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, DX55D, DX56D, DX57D, S220GD, S250GD, S280GD, S320GD, S350GD, S390GD, S420GD, S450GD, S550GD, CGCC, CGCH, CGCD1, CGCD2, CGCD3, CGC340, CGC400, CGC440, CGC490, CGC570



Painting Thickness

Top painting:10~30um     Back painting: 5~15um


6m, 12m, or as per client’s actual request


600~1500mm or as per client’s actual request

Zinc Coating



ASTM A792/A792M-2015, JIS G3312-2019, EN10169-2022, EN10346-2015, EN10143-2006


As per the RAL color card


Applications: house,steel house,mobile house,modular house,villa, bungalow design,portable house/carbin,ready made house,kiosk booths,steel building…

2.container manufacturing

3.household appliances and furniture

4.vehicle and vessel manufacturing

5.others,like machinery structure parts,manufacturing shells of motors and so on.


Coating Type


 Polyester (PE): Good adhesion, rich colors, wide range in formability and outdoor durability, medium chemical resistance, and low cost. 

 Silicon modified polyester(SMP): Good abrasion resistance and heat resistance, as well as good external durability and chalking resistance, gloss retention, general flexibility, and medium cost. 

 High Durability Polyester(HDP): Excellent color retention and anti-ultraviolet performance, excellent outdoor durability and anti-pulverization, good paint film adhesion, rich color, excellent cost performance. 

 Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF): Excellent color retention and UV resistance, excellent outdoor durability and chalking resistance, excellent solvent resistance, good moldability, stain resistance, limited color, and high cost.

Color Coated Sheet factory

Production Process:

Color Coated Sheet details

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