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H Beam

H Beam

H beam is a kind of economical section high efficiency profile with more optimized sectional area distribution and stronger weight ratio, because it is named after the English letter "H".


Because each part of H beam is arranged at right angles, H beam has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, cost saving and light weight in all directions. It has been widely used.


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H Beam details




H-beam is a structual beam with H-shaped cross section made of rolled steel. H-beam is a widely used steel beam in structure buildings. The flanges of H-beam steel are all of equal thickness, with rollong sections. They are also wide and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel, which makes them strong in connecting high-strength bolts and other components.




Product NameH Beam
production rangeA572,GR50,GR60,SS540H100*100-H400*400H150*75 -H900*300
Length6m, 9m, 12m or as customer requirement
TechnologyHot rolled,welded
SurfaceGalvanized, paint;or as your request
Business typeManufacturer
Loading portany port in China
Packingstandard export packing or as your requirement

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Types of H-Beam:


(1) According to the wing width of the product, it is divided into wide wings, mid -wing margin and narrow winged steel. The wing width B width of the wide wing and the mid -wing edge H -shaped steel is greater than or equal to the height of the abdomen. The wing width B of the narrow -wing H -shaped steel is about one -half of the height of the abdomen.


(2) It is divided into H -shaped steel beams, H -shaped steel columns, H -shaped steel piles, and extremely thick winged steel beams. Sometimes the parallel leg groove steel is also included in the range of H -shaped steel. Generally, the narrow -winged H -shaped steel is used as a beam material, and the wide -winged H -shaped steel is used as a column material. Based on this, it is also known as the beam -type H -shaped steel and columns H -shaped steel.


(3) It is divided into welded H -shaped steel and rolled steel according to the production method.


(4) Divided into large, medium, and small H -shaped steel according to the size specifications.


H Beam details




Mainly used for: various civil and industrial building structures; various large-span industrial plants and modern high-rise buildings, especially industrial plants in areas with frequent seismic activity and high-temperature working conditions; requiring large bearing capacity, good cross-section stability, span Large and large bridges; heavy equipment; highways; ship skeletons; mine support; foundation treatment and embankment works; various machine components.

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