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Marine Grade Sheet ABS Grade DH32 Hot Rolled ASTM Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Marine Grade Sheet ABS Grade DH32 Hot Rolled ASTM Shipbuilding Steel Plate

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HNJBL is a comprehensive manufacturer and trader of steel products, mainly producing and marketing stainless steel pipes/sheets/coils, carbon steel, ship plates, wear-resistant plates, and steel structures,etc.

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Place of OriginChina
Brand NameHNJBL
Model NumberDH32
CertificationBV SGS CE TUV

Minimum Order Quantity1Ton
Packaging DetailsStandard seaworthy export packing or according to the customers' request
Delivery Time7-15 working days after the receipt of 30% deposit
Payment TermsTT or L/C
Supply Ability25000Tons/per month


Shipbuilding steel plate DH32 is a common ship plate material, which belongs to high-strength steel plate, which is widely used in shipbuilding, marine engineering and other fields.

1.The material properties of ship plate DH32 are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

(1)High strength: its tensile strength is 440-570MPa, which belongs to high-strength steel plate.

(2)Good toughness: At the same time, it has good impact toughness and Skoda property, and can withstand strong external impact.

(3)Corrosion resistance: Because the ship runs in seawater all year round, the ship board DH32 has high resistance to the corrosiveness of seawater.

(4)Processability: The material is easy to process and easy to make.

2.In order to ensure that the material and performance of the ship board DH32 meet the standard requirements, the following aspects need to be paid attention to in production and processing:

(1)Raw material selection: High-quality materials should be selected as raw materials to ensure their stability and reliability.

(2)Steel plate production: In the process of steel plate production, attention must be paid to the process requirements, such as normalization treatment, control of heat welding temperature, and ensuring the flatness of the plate surface.

(3)Welding process: Considering the characteristics of DH32 material of ship plate, it is necessary to select appropriate welding materials and welding processes during the welding process.

(4)Inspection requirements: After the production and processing of the steel plate is completed, quality inspection is required, including testing the mechanical properties and chemical composition of the plate.


Shipbuilding steel plate DH32 is a high-strength marine plate with high tensile, bending and compressive strength, which is widely used in shipbuilding, offshore platform construction and other fields.

(1)In the field of offshore platform construction, ship board DH32 is also widely used. Offshore platforms are generally located at sea, which need to withstand harsh environments such as waves, sea salt, and tsunamis, and there are corresponding requirements for the materials used. The good corrosion resistance and high strength of the ship plate DH32 can effectively cope with these factors, providing a strong guarantee for the construction of offshore platforms.

(2)In the field of offshore engineering, the ship board DH32 is used to manufacture equipment such as submarine pipelines to meet the transportation and production needs of offshore oil fields.

(3)In the field of oil exploration and natural gas development, the ship board DH32 is used to manufacture offshore drilling platforms and submarine extraction equipment.


ProductSteel plate price Customized 3mm-180mm Ah32/Ah36/Ah40 Dh32/Dh36 Eh32/Eh36/Eh40 High Strength Hull Shipbuilding Steel Plate sheet
Thickness Range4-60mm
Size Tolerance+/- 1%
Yield Strength250~600 MPa
Tensile Strength350~800 MPa

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