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Steel Structure Residential Building

Steel Structure Residential Building

Steel structure residential buildings are harmless to the environment, fast to build, strong in earthquake resistance, and can be fully recycled.


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Steel Structure Residential Buildings use steel as the main structure of the building, usually composed of steel sections, steel plates and other steel structure building components, such as steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses, etc. These components are usually connected by welds, bolts or rivets to assemble steel components (or steel components) into a complete structural system. The exterior walls use lightweight wall panels (single panels, sandwich panels) or new materials such as energy-saving bricks as the wall system.


Steel Structure Residential Buildings are harmless to the environment, fast to build, strong in earthquake resistance, and can be fully recycled.


Steel Structure Residential Building manufacture


The advantages of Steel Structure Residential Buildings:


▪Strength and durability: Steel structures have high strength and durability and can withstand natural disasters and other external pressures, such as earthquakes, storms, etc.


▪Flexibility: Steel structures can be designed in various shapes and sizes, so they are more flexible in design and can meet different building needs.


▪Construction speed: Compared with traditional construction methods, steel-structured houses are constructed faster. Prefabricated steel components can be manufactured in factories and then assembled on site, greatly shortening the construction cycle.


▪Lightweight: Steel structures are lighter than traditional concrete and masonry structures, so they have lower foundation requirements, which can reduce construction costs and construction difficulties.


▪Environmental protection: Steel structures can be recycled and reused, reducing resource waste. In addition, due to the short construction time, the impact of construction on the surrounding environment is reduced.


▪Sustainability: Steel structures have a long service life and are easy to maintain and repair, so they can better meet the requirements of sustainable development.




Steel framework(Q235B,Q345B)

1.Steel beam

2.Steel column


4.H cross-section steel box cross-section steel,round pipe,round steel,L steel.etc.

Wall and roof

1.Single steel sheet 0.36mm-0.6mm thick. 

2.Sandwich panel with EP,PU,glass wool and rock wool(50-120mm)


1.Roller door

2.Sliding door and sidewall door

3.Steel sheet, sandwich panel or aluminum-alloy

4.According to your requirements


1.Sliding window

2.Plastic-steel frame or aluminum frame

3.According to your requirements


1.Aluminum-zinc steel sheet

2. Stainless sheet



2.Stainless pipe

Skylight panel

FRP,1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,according to your requirements


1.Turbine vent

2.Ridge vent

3.According to your requirements

Other materials

Self-screwing tapping,bolt,nut etc.

Steel Structure Residential Building factory


Why Choose Us?


To the quality of survival, credibility and development:


1、High quality raw materials:

Use high quality raw materials. the material is at the same level.


2、Complete specifications:

Complete specifications, sufficient stock, one-stop procurement products have everything.


3、Advanced technology:

we strive to provide you good quality ,ex-factory price ,fast response , reliable service 


4、Support OEM:

Customized specifications,professional custom


5、Intimate after sales:

Ensure service quality and meet customer demand




Q1:How can I place an order?

A:After you choose productions you are interested in,you can leave us message on website,or contact us via e-mail,whatsapp,or wechat.


Q2:How to pay?

A::T/T wilL be more appreciated.30% deposit before producing,70% balance before loading.


Q3:Can you design for me?

A:Yes,our professional engineer team can do personalized design drawings following customers' idea.


Q4:How to install?

A:We will provide detailed installation video and instruction to you.Technicians will be sent to help you on site if necessary.




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